Feb. 2nd, 2010

oh my god

Feb. 2nd, 2010 01:34 am
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Please lend me your ear. Or I might cry with joy all by myself.

Even if you didn't intend on it, I advise that your take the time out and see the movie Valentine's Day, which I saw Saturday at a screening. Its opening dates are here on IMDb.

This movie encapsulates everything I detest about romantic comedies or movies that turn white middle class Americans with certain physical attributes that appeal to Hollywood into a bland, interchangeable group.

There are many more things to deplore about the movie,


There is only one small (but epic) reason. Actually, two. Taylor Launter and Taylor Swift, two people over whom I would lose my shirt on a game show if their names came up as a category, stole the show. It was RIDICULOUS how funny these two were.

I'm not sure they were acting, perhaps that was just them, but they play vapid, ditzy high school teens in love to perfection, and truly, I had to wonder whether their managers were watching. Because were I responsible for their careers, I would find a series of well-written goofy comedies--a la Goldie Hawn's early career--for them to shine in.

But I digress. What I'm trying to say is: If you love slash, and you don't mind love [especially where there's squishy involved! *weeps*], SEE this movie.

And already I've said too much.

I will probably write up a review after the movie comes out, because its failures fascinated me, but for me, THERE WILL BE FIC.

Ack. My poor, silly heart.


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