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From these two disparate sources, I learned that there is no fate but what we make.

No one is destined, like Obi Wan or Morpheus would have us believe, to walk down a certain path, to have all the atoms in the universe line up to make sure a certain timeline unfolds, simply because it is so obviously for the good of the universe.

Step into the project accelerator with me for a moment, fellow geeks, while I theorize that one can alternate-dimension travel within one’s own lifetime, and still find the leap home.

Eliza Dushku could have been a legend had she chosen the road in which she made a Faith spinoff. It seems impossible - really quite impossible - to know that there is a version of the universe, and that we LIVE in it, in which Faith didn't get a spinoff, and we didn’t get five or six more years of television that, like Buffy, would have impacted, if not some aspects of ourselves and our popular culture, at least television.

And yet there it is. Eliza didn't do Faith, and instead went on to do a puzzling DOA throwback of a show that even if she’d been running around bra-less, Aaron Spelling at the top of his game would have had a hard time selling.

It feels like someone tampered with the space-time continuum.

And then we have Roman Polanski, a director who escaped from a likely prison sentence and went on to a long life and the production of several excellent films (including Death and the Maiden and excluding The Ninth Gate), and one of shining brilliance.

Had he gone to prison way back when, he might have come out a changed man and might never have produced a single one of those films--thus leaving film aficionados and “serious” actors to wonder for all eternity what a director like him might have produced had he not had "that traumatic life and then that prison experience."

It sounds like unsubtle dialogue from Sliders, but ask Eliza Dushku-- it could have been.

Nothing is certain, Neo. We spent all our lives being told [by scifi movies we believed in, damn it] that there was some Great Destined Path, and that somehow, even if the forces of evil pushed us off that path, the forces of good would send out their best Viper pilots to fight every battle and make sure we got back on it.

But, um, not really. I mean, Dollhouse isn't anyone's destiny, is it? I mean, it sure doesn't FEEL like.. anyone's destiny.

So maybe no destiny. But one truth that’s kept a whole planet of resistance fighters going in the darkest of times:

There is no fate but what we make. Remember that, John Connor.

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