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I know I'm a little late to the party, but:

People are shocked and hurt by John Mayer’s March 2010 Playboy interview. Really?

We’re shocked that a person who’s been told all his life by his society that he’s the right race, gender and sexual orientation - and rich and successful to boot - would be racist, sexist, closed- and small-minded.
I thought it would have been more startling an interview had it revealed that Mayer had somehow managed to transcend his own societal pre-destination. Like those “black dudes” he was referring to.
..intellectualism and verbal dexterity having very little to do with intelligence... I thought this was well established.
The man is 32. Which in male-years is about 19 (sorry, guys). So let him have his “cool guy” moments in the sun.
The only thing that will be truly sad is if he lives long enough to see that age where you’ve actually matured. Because then you get to experience the joy of spending the rest of the your life being embarrassed by the awkward things you said when you were younger, and thought you knew it all.

But to be mad at him? Seriously?


Feb. 7th, 2010 05:56 pm
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We were just minding our business, [personal profile] mrsbean and I, watching television at some ungodly hour and thinking we could not laugh any harder over some truly cracked commercials, when a commercial for Zestra came on.

"Zestra helps you feel the way you used to feel when sexual arousal just happened, naturally, without doing anything, without thinking about it, without trying not to think about anything else."

It "assists" women in two ways: one by increasing blood flow to the genitals; and two by increasing sensation to the genitals.

Don’t ask.


According to a director of sex health at the Philadelphia Graduate Hospital, they conducted clinical trials about 3 years ago. Only 20 women were monitored at that time, but with very, very promising results: For women with "known arousal disorder" it was 85% effective, and in their control group (women reporting no "arousal" issues) it was 95% effective.

So this Summer and Fall they’re going wide with 17 sites across the U.S. -- 200 women, all with "sexual dysfunction."

On a news report, the anchor points out that critics say just the act of applying the fluid would be enough to get anyone in the mood, to which the doctor being interviewed replies, "Zestra is a step in the right direction." Which I believe is a...fallacy in argument?

So what is ZESTRA??

Read on! )
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Focus quote, by Michael Medved, critic: Who is going to want to see Downey Jr. and Law make out? I don't think it would be appealing to women.

It’s like, you wish we cared you think women wouldn’t want to see Downey and Law make out.


If you’re just saying that to be controversial, then sorry, you’re several years too late. We’ve already had men embarrass themselves online making stupid statements about women’s sexuality.


And if you’re saying that because you actually mean it, then sorry, like I said, wish we cared.


And don’t get me wrong: I’m really not interested in seeing Robert Downey Jr. make out with anyone. But check out the operative phrase there. I’m not interested. Not that women aren’t interested. See how I don’t generalize about what women like/are interested in? A lot of you scared-stupid men could learn from that.


I’ve decided I’m going to make you a T-shirt, Mr. Medved, that says, “All I really need to know about women’s sexuality I learned from watching my dick shrivel every time I thought about it.” And then I’m going to mail it to you.



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